Lineage II WaR - Interlude.
Official PTS Interlude No Custom

Hardware Specifications:
Intel Xeon E5-2687Wv4 @ 3.5GHz
64 GB DDR4
2x 500GB - Intel SSD 320

Custom Features
New char level 78
New char Buffed + Noblesse
New char Spawn Giran
Sub-Class Level Máximo
Sub-Class Quest
Auto Learn Skills
Auto-Pickup Mob Adena/Items
Custom Armors, Weapons, Jewels
Team vs Team / Tournament 5x5- 9x9
PvP Color System
Classe Master System
Off-line Shop System
Wedding System
Npc Buffer / Pet / Macro Buffer
Global Gatekeeper(Town, Level, Farm)
Farm Areas + Party Farm
Max clan in ally
Respawn Protection
Gm Shop Full
Level Areas(Guide only)
Farm Areas, Party Farm Zone
No corruptions, Admin/Gm Friends

Special Hunting Zones

Primavel Isle
Challenge Level: Low
Possible Loot: Adena, Farm War, (Low, and Mid)..
Dragon Valley (PTZONE)
Challenge Level: Medium
Possible Loot: Adena (x5), Farm Coins (x5), 5% Event Coin (x3), Life Stones (Mid, High and Top), Book of Giants, Golden Scrolls
Raid Bosses
Special Drops
Possible Loot: 10% Donate, 1-5 Golden Scrolls, 60% Event Coin, (x10) Farm Coins, 2-5 Lifestone and books
Epic's Boss
Special Drops
20% Donate, 60% Event Coin, 25x Farm, 5-10 Lifestone and books, 10-20 Golden Scrolls, And Jewel+16, Weapons +20, Acessorios +300

» Rates

Experiencia (EXP) x500
Skill Points (SP) x500
Adena x500
Party LvL (EXP) x1,5
Weight Limit x250

» Enchants / Auguments

Safe Enchant +3
Max. Weapon Enchant +20
Max. Armor/Jewelry Enchant +16

Blessed Weapon: 80% de +4 até +16 e (10% +17|+18|+19|+20)
Blessed Armor/Jewell: 80% de +4 até +13 e (10% +14|+15|+16)

Golden Weapon: 100% de +4 até +16 e (40% +17|+18|+19|+20)
Golden Armor/Jewell: 100% de +4 até +13 e (40% +14|+15|+16)

On failure to discharge +3 if enchant with blessed scrolls
Golden Scroll failure? only loses scroll

Augment chance: 5% Only STR+1 MEN+1 CON+1 INT+1
No have Augument Skill Chance 0%


[C Grade][B Grade] Adenas.
[A Grade] [S Grade] Farm.

» Server Commands

.expon .expoff - Enable/Disable XP/SP-gain
.deposit .withdraw - Converts 1,000,000,000 Bilion Adena into Gold Bar
.menu - All server commands available
.showrepair - Fix problem in character that can not log in
.status - View Stats player or your target
.raidinfo - Show Raid/Epic boss status live or dead
.skin - command special for char's HERO/VIP custom textures armors.

» Noblesse

Barakiel Last Hit
Item Sell in Gm Shop

» Sieges Special

Siege Giran,Aden,Goddard + Skill residencial for members castle
Sieges 1 in 1 week

» Olympiads

Non-Classed: 2. From 18pm to 22pm (GMT-3)
Olympiads 7 days (No DualBox) Safe +6
Class Based disabled
Min 9 Matches to be Hero
In case of a points tie the hero will be the player with the greatest number of fights

» Buffs

Buffs Slots 28+4
Buffs Time of NPC Buffer 2h
Scheme Profiles in Buffs

» Epic/Raid Boss

Bosses level 80
Raid Bosses Chaotic Zone
Grand Bosses Chaotic Zone

» Configurations

Server Time GMT -3
Server Auto Restart 05:30 GMT -3
Geodata Premium
Plataforma Premium
Anti-Bot System
Anti-DDos Attacks Protection
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2º   IiIHellBouDIiI 615 pvps
3º   Mazikeen 554 pvps
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2º   Mazikeen 61 pks
3º   MAIOBEIRA 54 pks
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